DEE Student Welcome Guide

Did you just join ISEP/DEE and feel lost? Don't know who to go to? Have questions about how your course works? Where can you study? Who can help you? This quick guide can help you!


Department of Electrical Engineering
DEE Head Office: building F, room 422 (4th floor)
Phones: 228340517 or 228340500, ext: 1100

Director: Francisco Pereira,
Vice-Director: Maria Judite Ferreira,
Vice-Director: Jorge Estrela,
Reception: Maria João Madureira,

DEE Courses

Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director: Olga Constante Pinheiro,

Degree in Electrical Engineering - Power Systems
Director: Sérgio Ramos,

Degree in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering
Director: Paula Viana,

Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering (4 specialization areas)
Director: Cecília Reis,

Master in Electrical Engineering - Power Systems
Director: José Beleza Carvalho,


The Academic Year

The school year at ISEP usually starts in mid-September and ends in mid-July. You can find all the most important dates on the ISEP academic calendar. 

ECTS Credits

The ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - is a tool used to assess the workload needed in each course, thus helping the recognition of your academic studies in Portugal and in the rest of Europe.

Study in the DEE facilities

As a DEE student you have access to room F421, the permanent study support facility. During the exams period, other rooms are usually available. Other ISEP facilities such as the Library, Study Room in building C and the Meeting Point are available 24 hours a day.

Choosing Classes

At the beginning of each semester you will be enrolled in one of the classes, whose schedules can be found at If you are a freshman, DEE automatically assigns you a class. If you are renewing your enrollment, class preferences are done thru the ISEP Portal by going to "Inscrições > Preferência de turmas". You must choose a base class and then select up to 6 different alternative classes.

To solve any problems DEE provides a location and a date, that information will be sent by email in a timely manner. If you prefer, send an email to

Evaluations and Exams

The type of evaluation of each curricular unit (CU) is different, you will find this information in the detailed form of each CU, available in the ISEP Portal before the beginning of the semester. At the end of each academic semester there are two exam seasons: the normal season and the appeal season. Access to the special season is restricted to last year students (maximum of 4 semester CUs) or special regimes.

If you meet the requirements to access an CU exam, the registration in normal season is automatic and without fees. To access the appeal season exams, prior registration is required on the ISEP Portal, up to 24 hours before the exam occurs. If you want to take advantage of the appeal season to improve your grade, you must sign up 48 hours in advance. Registrations only become definitive after the fee payment.

If you ever feel stressed

All students go through a phase where they feel slightly bewildered. It's normal! If you are worried about the exams and how to deal with anxiety, if you are unmotivated and want to rethink your vocational project, or if you have additional support needs, don't be discouraged.

You have an open door to talk to Psychologists in a confidential way, make a visit to ISEP-GO,, building E, room 145 A. Don't be shy, show up!

Manage your time

Higher education is a good time in your life to explore your interests, try different things, fail and try again. Of course you should go to class, but get organized to complement your studies with other activities that interest you: sports, music, mobility or community support. Nowadays employers look for more than just good grades, soft skills are much appreciated.

You have are a Student and Worker

You can apply for a special status ("estatuto de Trabalhador Estudante") through the ISEP Portal, in the "Atividade letiva > Estatutos" page, or contact the ISEP Academic Division. The request must be submitted by the end of October. It's an option that poses a huge challenge!

Are you interested in exchange programs?

Just feel free to take advantage of one of the international mobility opportunities that ISEP offers. The request for the following year must be processed by December of the previous year. Find the necessary information on Moodle ISEP, or contact ISEP's External Relations Office. Enjoy, the world has no borders!


The presented information requires additional consultation of the ISEP Regulations and Services