Support Rooms
  F413 Technical room   4th floor building F
  F414 LEEC/MEEC courses directors office  
  F416 Staff office  
  F418 LEESEE/MEESEE courses directors office  
  F421 Students study room  
  F422 DEE head office  
  F503 Acts/Meetings room   5th floor
  I105 Staff office   1st floor building I
  I302 Staff office   3rd floor
  I307 Technical room  

  F304 Analog Electronics Laboratory 3rd floor building F
  F305 Power Electronics Laboratory
  F308 Analog Electronics Laboratory
  F314 Computer Science Laboratory
  F404 Project Laboratory 4th floor
  F405 Digital Systems Laboratory
  F408 Project Laboratory
  F504 Optical Communications Laboratory 5th floor
  F505 Network and Communication Services Laboratory
  F508 Telecommunications Laboratory
  F513 Satellite Communications Laboratory
  F516 Signal Processing Laboratory
  F518 Renewable Energy Laboratory
  F519 Computer Science Laboratory
  F520 Control Laboratory
  I101 Electrical Installations Laboratory 1st floor building I
  I106 Electrical Machines Laboratory
  I107 Energy Systems Laboratory
  I205 Computer Laboratory for Electrical Power Systems 2nd floor
  I206 Computer Laboratory for Electrical Power Systems
  I303 Electromagnetism Laboratory 3rd floor
  I304 Metrology Laboratory
  I305 Electrical Circuits and Signals Laboratory
  I308 Electrical Measurement Laboratory

  F302   3rd floor building F
  F402   4th floor
  F502   5th floor
  I204   2nd floor building I
  I301 Amphitheater 3rd floor
  I401 Amphitheater 4th floor